Nicolelis Laboratory, ROS-based Brain Machine Interface Software Project

  • Developing new real-time BMI software with data acquisition and machine learning modules utilizing ROS
  • Decoding neural activity signal data coming from monkey brain to control actuators and train neural networks
  • Exploring new LSTM-based neural network architectures to interpret neuronal data

  "Six Fly" iOS Application

  • Created iOS game application “Six Fly” with Xcode
  • Wrote 2,000+ lines of Swift code
  • Designed 30+ Photoshop graphics
  • Self taught iOS Development 

Download in App Store: click here.


Logisim CPU Design


  • Implemented a 16-bit MIPS-like, word-addressed RISC architecture CPU in Logisim
  • Interprets 16 different MIPS-like instructions
  • Operates on 8 multi-purpose registers in the register file

MAX VR Air Guitar

  • Designed a Virtual Reality interactive air guitar using MAX
  • Used input feed of Xbox Kinect sensor for spatial-coordinate data
  • Created patches for frequency modulation of sound samples, coordinate data processing and transformation of signals

MATLAB Music Synthesis Project

  • Coded a 30-second adaptation of a song using matrices, sine waves and Digital Signal Processing functions in MATLAB
  • Used music theory background & numerical note frequencies to recreate song
  • Voted 2nd best song amongst Duke ECE community