Nicolelis Laboratory, ROS-based Brain Machine Interface Software Project

  • Developing new real-time BMI software with data acquisition and machine learning modules utilizing ROS
  • Decoding neural activity signal data coming from monkey brain to control actuators and train neural networks

  "Six Fly" iOS Application

  • Created iOS game application “Six Fly” with Xcode
  • Wrote 2,000+ lines of Swift code
  • Designed 30+ Photoshop graphics
  • Self taught iOS Development 

Download in App Store: click here.


Logisim CPU Design


  • Implemented a 16-bit MIPS-like, word-addressed RISC architecture CPU in Logisim
  • Interprets 16 different MIPS-like instructions
  • Operates on 8 multi-purpose registers in the register file

MAX VR Air Guitar

  • Designed a Virtual Reality interactive air guitar using MAX
  • Used input feed of Xbox Kinect sensor for spatial-coordinate data
  • Created patches for frequency modulation of sound samples, coordinate data processing and transformation of signals

MATLAB Music Synthesis Project

  • Coded a 30-second adaptation of a song using matrices, sine waves and Digital Signal Processing functions in MATLAB
  • Used music theory background & numerical note frequencies to recreate song
  • Voted 2nd best song amongst Duke ECE community


I’m an Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science double major at Duke University (’18 Senior) born and raised in Brazil.

I get excited about building things and take things apart to try to understand them. I also love trying to explain really complex concepts in very simple terms.

My soul is half engineer half music producer and I believe the two complement each other in unimaginable ways (my father is a civil engineer and my mother is a singer). I really enjoy meditation, and trying to understand the mind (and the brain).

 Photo by  Estlin Haiss.

Photo by Estlin Haiss.

This semester (F17) I’m having the opportunity of working in the Nicolelis Laboratory at Duke for my independent study, developing their new brain machine interface software that uses machine learning to decode neuronal data coming from monkeys, and uses those outputs to control actuators (cursors, robot arms, wheelchairs, etc.).

This semester I’m also taking CS308 Software Development and Implementation, which features large scale team projects every 2-3 weeks. As well as: ECE350 Digital Systems, that uses Verilog (HDL) to build the architecture of a computer, and ECE383 Robotics and Automation, which explores robotics and linear algebra.

Interested in: tech, neuro, music